whole foods grocery near Pequot Lakes

New or Back in Stock Apr. 25 - 28

* Positively Third Street Bakery Products
* FAH Ginger Tea
* Walnuts
* Almonds
* Alden's Vanilla Bean Icecream
* Coconut Bliss Icecream Bars
* Dave's Killer Bread
* Kalona Vanilla Kefir
(organic unless noted)
* Apples - pink ladies
* Asparagus
* Avocados - Haas - equal exchange
* Oranges - Cara Cara
* Beets - red and gold (MN)
* Broccoli

New or Back in Stock Apr. 10-13

* Nessalla Kombucha
* Bulk Maple Syrup
* Zevia and Lacroix
* Pamela's GF Cinnamon Grahams
* Black Olives
* Pad Thai Noodles
* Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt 5.3 oz
* Dirty Chip in a variety of flavors
* Back to Nature PB Sandwich Cookies
* Back to Nature Snack Packs
* Back to Nature Rice Thin Cheddar
* Good Health Veggie Chips
* Annie's Cinnamon Grahams
* Bobo's GF Toaster Pastries
* Bob's Red Mill Muesli

New or Back in Stock Mar. 27-30

Back in stock:
* Brazil Nuts and Pecans
* Dried Prunes
* Follow Your Heart Veganaise
* Bulk Quick Oats
* Envirokidz Cereals
* Eastwind Tahini
* The Switch Sparkling Juice - Grape, Black Cherry & Fruit Punch
* Dirty Chips - snack size potato chips (member recommended)
* PicSweet Frozen Veggies
(organic unless noted)


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