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Ideal Meals Class Monday was a BIG hit!

The Ideal Meals class held this past Monday was a BIG hit! Thank you to all who attended!

The quinoa salad and the mini cheesecake-like dessert was awesome! Thank you Bonnie & Pat for all your work prepping, cooking & sharing your tips and tricks!

GREAT FIXIN'S for your Easter Week!

* scallions (limited) LOCAL (Chuck's Garden Fresh Vegetables)- WOO HOO!
* Spinach & lettuce mix (limited) LOCAL - Alder Song Farm - DOUBLE WOO HOO!
* asparagus
* Pineapple (we'll have some cut up for you!)
* Rhubarb
* White Button Mushrooms
* Smoked Cheddar Capriko (goat & cows milk combined)
* d'Anjou Pears
* Strawberries
* Brussel Sprouts
* snack pack - cheese & cracker sandwich AND peanut butter cracker sandwich


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