Co-op remodel

Work day Progress

Great progress again at the co-op with work day! 

Such a great crew who've been dedicated throughout this remodel process. Today Member-Owners, Joan I. and Sandi B. are coming to work with Co-op Coordinator, Barb Mann on staining the front of the building exterior, adding a 2nd coat to the deck and MAYBE work on clear coat of poly on the indoor half wall car siding.

Moving along and crossing stuff off our list!



We ARE ready for floor tiling (week of Oct. 12) and we'll keep working on completing the half wall finish work - car siding, trim work, etc.  We also have cement protective posts to install around the well head, prep for painting interior walls, etc.  If you can come, please do...even if for just an hour.

2. THURSDAY, OCT. 8, 2-5PM  - interior wall painting (maybe),


Co-op Remodel Update

We are working diligently on the remodeling to pass food inspection to get our food license so we can OPEN THE DOORS!

This is a reminder of up-coming work days and noting help needed:



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