Board of Directors

The Incorporating Board of Directors was set at a January 2015 community meeting with attendance of approximately 30 people.

Current Directors:

  • Jon Grothe, President (term expires 2025)  

  • Ric Carlson, Vice President (term expires 2025)

  • Denise Albrecht-Simpson, Secretary (term expires 2024) 

  • Dixie Grothe, Treasurer (term expires 2024) 

  • MJ Schneider, (term expires 2026) 

  • Cristobel von Walstrom, (term expires 2024)


Board meetings are held at 5:30 pm on the 4th Monday of the month in the meeting room of Ideal Town Hall, Ideal Township. The by-laws state that a member may attend a Board of Directors meeting at any time.

For questions, please contact us by email to:  Please include the subject, topic detail, your name and contact information. Any concerns will be brought to the attention of the Board and addressed as soon as reasonably possible. 


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