WORK SESSION 1-4pm, Mon. Nov. 2

MONDAY, Nov. 2, 1-4PM: we'll gather to keep working on list below

TASKS to complete:
-put IKEA shelving units together for bulk herbs/spices area
-build "service" counter in herbs/spices area
-clear coat trim work on counter /half wall
- move some ceiling panels in herb/spice area (food regs)
- make/paint sign panels for store
-putting up pictures/decor/bulletin board-community resources info space/ etc.
-build mini-coffee "bar" seating area along short half wall (our "hosting"/"welcoming" area for people to get coffee/sit and chat, read resource materials,...)
    (Barb picked up 3 bar stools from IKEA that need to be assembled - should we decide to keep them.)
-finish inventory of goods in back room
-put together chrome shelving in "kitchen" & for cooler
(I'm SURE there's more!)



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