Work Day Monday, Oct. 26

Things continue to perk along and get checked off that long "to do" list! LOVE checking stuff off!

Thank you to John E, Doug W, Claire M, Bob M, Linda W, Bonnie, Ruth N, Mary P, and John P for all your hard work yesterday!  Looking spiffier by the moment.

Work Session:
Monday, Oct. 26 - 1-4/5pm

  • continue with refrigerator cooler cleaning
  • clean freezers
  • install laminate trim on counter edges
  • install soap and paper towel dispensers
  • maybe setup some shelving in "kitchen" area
  • setup shelving for bulk herbs/spices area
  • inventory goods in back room
  • re-assemble floor shelving (retail area flooring should be clean first)

Come when you can, you don't need to be here the entire time. Every bit of elbow grease makes a difference.

Remember: Food Inspection is Wednesday, Oct. 28, 9:30am.  Keep us in mind with all your positive thoughts to "pass" and get our food license.

Enjoy the weekend.



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