We have fresh bread! And More.

OPEN today/Saturday 10am-6pm

We have fresh bread! Flax, Old World Rye, wild rice, NEW-wild rice-cranberry, whole wheat, hamburger and hotdog buns (golden white and wheat), french onion bagels! YUM! I've been enjoying the flax bread this past week.

WONDERFUL fresh raspberries and blackberries in the cooler!

BEAUTIFUL brussel sprouts, and snow peas.

Geoff's Chop - salad mix with lots of greens! Only $4.49/pack. Great with the new taco dinner kits we have in stock!


TASTY fresh ruby grapefruit juice in front frig! Really good for those who like grapefruit juice.

Remember we have Seed Savers Exchange seeds and Seed Potatoes (nice variety). ALMOST time to start planting!

Hope to see you sometime today! Thanks to those who've already been in to shop this week!

ENJOY the day!


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