In stock Nov 28 - Dec 1

* Fugi Apples
* red seedless grapes
* green leaf lettuce
* red potatoes
* Easter Egg Radishes
* Smude's Microwave Popcorn with sunflower oil - all natural pouch
* Triple Crown Cayenne BBQ Sauce
* all beef organic hotdogs
* sliced deli ham (organic)
* Nado Moo Maple Pecan "ice cream"
PRODUCE (organic unless noted)
With the romaine "scare" last week, most of the sources, even the good ones, are out of stock and having to start over as a result. So we'll be out of romaine for a bit and will have green leaf lettuce in stock for you.
* Brakstad winter squash! (Pequot Lakes)
* Alder Song Farm's spinach - LAST hurrah til Spring (Merrifield)
* Northwoods Organics - red onions (Pine River)
* MN Hoch Fireside Apples & Regent Apples
* Grampa G's - variety of those little hot peppers, priced per lb
* green leaf lettuce
* baby spinach
* Cabbage -green, red
* celery
* cucumbers
* radish - French Breakfast & Easter Egg
* leeks
* beets (MN) 
* Root Veggie Soup Mix (good for roasting too)
* broccoli
* cauliflower
* Mushrooms - white button (PA)
* Onions - yellow, red, cippolini (MN)
* peppers - green & variety of hot peppers
* potatoes - red & russet, Russian Banana Fingerlings
* squash - butternut, Carnival, 
sweet dumpling
* garlic
* ginger root
* carrots - regular, rainbow, snack pack
* avocados - Haas
* oranges - Naval
* apples -Granny Smith, Regent, Fugi
* Whole Cranberries (pint container)
* Pomegranates (great antioxidant)
* red seedless grapes
* Ruby Star Grapefruit
* Lemons
* limes
* Pears d'anjou & Red Bartlett
* yams - sweet potatoes
* medjool dates
* LOCAL MEATS & POULTRY: pork including bacon, breakfast links, ham hocks, variety of brats, summer sausage, 100% grass-fed beef AND grass-fed / grain finished beef - roasts, soup bones, steak, ground; whole chicken (LOCAL) and parts; whole turkey and parts
pecans, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, chestnuts
raisins, cranberries, dates, apples, pineapple, bananas

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