Status update & Work Day Wednesday

Do you have a couple hours free tomorrow to help with this To-Do list?  We welcome you to the Co-op for Work Day Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1-5pm. It's fun, no pressure.

  • replace metal shelving under counter-top
  • finish trim work on exterior of half wall
  • final ceiling tile in food prep area w/security eye installed in it
  • Clean refrigerator cooler & racks
  • Wash retail area floors
  • Clean produce bin
  • Set up shelves in retail area (getting ready for product deliveries early Nov.)
  • Inventory product from Stone Woman Herbals
  • Build shelving & service counter for bulk herbs/spices in retail area (OR use existing units to create this space)
  • haul shelving units to basement
  • other?

The Co-op kitchen remodel is done! WOO HOO! We still have shelves to put back under the counter and some little finishing things but floor tiling is done, sinks are in and plumbed (you should have seen Board members last night at the meeting, turning the water on and off, playing like it was a gift opening!

Food Inspector scheduled for next Wed, Oct. 28, 9:30am.  This WILL (we hope) result in our food license.  Think good thoughts! 

Still planning to open the Co-op a few days a week, starting Friday, Nov. 13, 10am-6pm. (we're making the 13th a GOOD omen!). Co-op Member-Owners, we welcome with open arms your time and skills volunteering in the store. A little or a lot - it all makes a BIG difference. Whatever your interests are; please stop in, give us a call (218) 543-6565 or send us an email to volunteer.

Just a few ways you can volunteer in the Co-op store:

  • Clean and stock shelves in retail area
  • Clean and stock refrigerator cooler & racks
  • Clean and stock produce bin
  • Wash retail area floors & walls
  • Inventory product
  • maintain service counter for bulk herbs/spices in retail area
  • store clerk

Thank you Members and Volunteers, so much!
Barb, Co-op Coordinator



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