Produce Update & New Products May 6 - 9

Our Mission: To provide access to local, sustainable and healthy food and products.
"Big enough to meet your needs, small enough to meet your neighbor"
~ Avocado
~ Apples - Jazz, Granny Smith, Pink Lady
~ Banana
~ Beets - golden and red
~ Blueberries - ecopaks
~ Broccoli Crowns
~ Beans - green
~ Brussels Sprouts
~ Cabbage - red and green
~ Carrot - rainbow and orange
~ Cauliflower
~ Celery
~ Cucumbers - english
~ Ginger Root
~ Garlic
~ Grapefruit - Ruby Red and Pomelos
~ Lemons
~ Baby Spinach
~ Mushrooms - local and WI button
~ Onions - yellow and red
~ Peaches
~ Pears - Abate Fetal and Durondeau
~ Peppers - red, mini mixed, jalapenos
~ Potatoes - reds, russets, fingerling
~ Radish - red greentop
~ Romaine - heads and hearts
~ Strawberries
~ Squash - Acorn
~ Sweet Potato - Japanese
~ Tomato - ecopaks cherry and slicers
~ Yam - Jewel
~ Zucchini
Alder Song Farm
Grampa G's Heritage Farm
Tiny Seeds Garden
Strictly Mushrooms
Brakstad Natural Farms
Wild Acres Farm
Hollister Family Farm
Patchwork Farms
Fox Farm Pork
Kedejan Chicken
Ferndale Turkey
Rolling Acres Highland Farm
Member Specials
good thru May 16th
Austin's Acres Woodfire Roasted Coffee ~ $2 off
Fox Farm Pork Breakfast Sausage Chub ~ 15% off
Nordic Creamery A2 Cheddar Cheese ~ $0.50 off
Rebbl Drinks ~ $0.75 off
Chocolove Chocolate Bars ~ 10% off
Darista Dips: Sweet Potato Curry
Silky and deliciously complex with roasted sweet potatoes and coconut milk, and fragrant notes of basil, lemongrass and ginger.
Nordic Creamery A2 Cheddar Cheese
Handcrafted in small batches utilizing milk only from the Driftless Region in Wisconsin. Strictly from farms milking no more than 60 cows.
New or Back in Stock:
Zevia & Zevia Kidz
Lots of Chocolate!!!
Rebbl Elixirs, Tonics, & Protein Drinks
Nuco Coconut Wraps
Maple Hill Whole Milk Strawberry Kefir
Maple Hill Single Serve Yogurts
Miso - Traditional Red
Alden's IceCream & Johnny Pop's Bars
Just Pik't Orange Juice
Sunshine Burger
Hilary's Eat Well Burgers
Whole Plant Based Burgers (no soy)
Fever Tree Brand Drinks
And more...stop on in and say hi!

Alder Song Farm
Grampa G's Heritage Farm
Tiny Seeds Garden
Strictly Mushrooms


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