Opening the doors Fridays & Saturdays starting Nov. 13

Greetings IGMC Members!

Well it's FINALLY HAPPENING! We're opening the doors Fridays and Saturdays starting THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13! WOO HOO! (We're making Friday the 13th a GREAT OMEN!)

Hours will be 10am-6pm Fridays and Saturdays to start. IF we can do Thursdays with enough volunteer help, we'll add that in and keep you posted.

We are promoting primarily to members right now for a "soft" opening while we get our boogie down and figure out running everything. We won't turn anyone away of course as long as they understand it may take us a bit longer to do "check out" and such and patience will be very welcome on all fronts. It won't be perfect and we'll learn together.


MILK: both Organic Valley brand member sale - $3.99/half gal / reg $4.49, and Kalona SuperNatural brand from Iowa (smaller dairy farms) - Member sale $5.99, reg $7.69

PEANUT BUTTER: both Field Day organic Member Sale $5.99, reg. $7.49 and East Wind organic Member Sale 6.49, reg. $7.99

SOUP BROTH: Field Day Organic $2.49 member sale, reg. $3.49

EGGS: Scandia Valley Dairy (Brainerd) $4.25/dz member sale, reg. $5/dz


There will be
frozen: local ground beef, local broiler chickens, AND Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN) whole turkeys, smoked turkey breasts and in-bone turkey breasts. Fox Farm Pork (variety of cuts) will be here next weekend Friday Nov 20.

Fresh Organic Produce coming Friday morning, including fruit & veggies (some MN product, some local, and rest from smaller farmers in CA, OR, WA and Mexico

OK - see you soon! GREAT WORK EVERYONE!

Barb, Co-op Coordinator



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