Fundraising goal is $1,500 for new building sign.

Consider a special donation to our "jar" for a new sign to put on the top front of the building. The Board is moving ahead with plans for the exterior signs on the building. We've been raising funds all summer with a goal of $1,500 and have raised $1,200 to date.

Being thrifty and responsible with your donations to the jar by doing some of the sign work ourselves, we have enough for a large "GROCERIES" sign above the peak on the building. Install may not happen til next Spring as we need to power wash the area first.  An oval sign of our co-op logo will go in the peak above the steps and we hope to install soon. 

Also included in the plan are the green highway signs indicating "Ideal Green Market - Groceries Year-Round" on County Road 16 and County Road 11 pointing the way to us; these are likely to be installed next Spring!

Now THAT'S a FANTASTIC use of funds! AND we're doing it together knowing we'll receive the additional $300 we still need to reach our goal - and make it all a reality!

Thank you for your donations!


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