Backyard Teaching/Educational Garden 2019

  • to create an on-going, community-based educational garden using organic, sustainable methods in partnership with children, youth and adults. 
  • raised beds due to poor sandy soil conditions, in 24’x24’ fenced area due to anticipated deer and small critters 

  • herbs, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, radishes, flowers (some edible), mushrooms 

  • include composting bins (enclosed due to residential area & next door business) 

  • partner with Crosslake Community School, Home School Association, 4-H 

  • clearly label plants (perennials & annuals) for educational purposes 
Given that cooperatives are designed and organized to include education and community partnerships, it is the desire of Ideal Green Market Co-op to create a community teaching/educational backyard garden located behind the co-op building located at 34988 Co. Rd. 39, Pequot Lakes, on County Road 39 just SE of the intersection with County Road 16 in Ideal Township (next to the Old Milwaukee Club). 

Permission has been granted by the landlord (also members of the Ideal Green Market Co-op and year-round residents of the community), to establish the garden. A task group consisting of members of the IGMC have been meeting and planning since Fall 2018 to create a manageable, sustainable teaching garden. Consideration of raised beds versus in-ground beds, and fenced area versus open have been evaluated resulting in beginning with raised beds that are fenced in for protection from deer and small critters. Raised beds are anticipated to be more user friendly for their height and healthy, organic rich soil as the sandy soil conditions that exists on-site will take years to build up for better growing conditions. Raised beds will allow for easier maintenance and accessibility for differently-abled persons of all ages to participate. 

The Task Group has established a working relationship with Garden Circles, a local company of Pine River, for the raised beds. Ryan & Amber Hunt, owners, have worked with the group with suggested design options and budgeting and is committed to offering the raised beds at a price reduction, as they will be used in an educational capacity. 

The first year will focus on a variety of herbs that can be used by the co-op, flowers (some of which will be edible), some vegetables such as radishes, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, and possibly some mushrooms via Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms, a local company in Pine River. Trellises will be used as part of the raised Garden Circle beds for cucumbers, pole beans, and/or vining flowers to add variety and model an alternate way of growing some vegetables, while also creating a “fun” feel in the garden. Co-op members who enjoy gardening have committed to provide some starter plants, seeds and gardening tools. 
IDEAL GREEN MARKET COOPERATIVE, 34988 Co Rd 39, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 
Co-op phone: 218-543-6565 (Megan Loukota, Manager)

Garden Project contact: Barb Mann, member 218-838-6058 
Projected Budget: $2,162.00 (includes in-kind $150-200; optional $500 plumbing for outside water spigot)
If you are nterested in donating money or volunteering your time to this project, please contact Barb Mann, member at 218-838-6058.
**To be clear, work on the garden will only proceed once all projected funds are in hand and adequate number of volunteers have committed to help.  IGMC remains ever hopeful we'll be able to progress this year.

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