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New or Back in Stock Apr. 10-13

* Nessalla Kombucha
* Bulk Maple Syrup
* Zevia and Lacroix
* Pamela's GF Cinnamon Grahams
* Black Olives
* Pad Thai Noodles
* Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt 5.3 oz
* Dirty Chip in a variety of flavors
* Back to Nature PB Sandwich Cookies
* Back to Nature Snack Packs
* Back to Nature Rice Thin Cheddar
* Good Health Veggie Chips
* Annie's Cinnamon Grahams
* Bobo's GF Toaster Pastries
* Bob's Red Mill Muesli

Backyard Teaching/Educational Garden 2019

  • to create an on-going, community-based educational garden using organic, sustainable methods in partnership with children, youth and adults. 
  • raised beds due to poor sandy soil conditions, in 24’x24’ fenced area due to anticipated deer and small critters 

  • herbs, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, radishes, flowers (some edible), mushrooms 

  • include composting bins (enclosed due to residential area & next door business) 

Spend the whole day or as little as an hour!

We are looking for volunteers to help with this years Indoor Vendors Farmers' Market event being held April 27, 2019.
Some activities include:
  • taking tickets for lunch
  • sharing about the co-op at the IGMC table
  • checking with vendors to see if they need anything
  • being an ambassador for everything you LOVE about the co-op!
Spend the whole day or as little as an hour!
If you are interested in helping


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