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Ideal Green Market this week

NEW / back in stock (organic unless noted):
* STRAWBERRIES (oh how we look forward to these!)
* romaine hearts
* half 'n half
* Rudi's English Muffins & Multigrain Oat Bread
* Positively Third St. Bakery FRESH Bread coming mid-day Wednesday (wild rice, oatmeal sesame, 8-grain, cinn-raisin bagels, hamburger & hotdog buns)
* organic cotton swabs (Arr. Thursday)
* organic Hash Browns (freezer) (arr. Thursday)
* organic, whole, raw cashews (many of you have been asking for them, they'll be here Thursday afternoon)

Fresh baked goods

NEW on SATURDAY, 10am-1pm- FRESH Bread from Rising Star (Cherie Wehausen) who is one of our farm market vendors. She'll be set up in the store for a few hours selling her fresh baked goods.


Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup $9.99/qt w/ free loaf of bread.

Click here to Reserve a quart by email or phone your order in: 218-543-6565.



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